Parking inside,Cheap kobe shoes but many luxury cars from Mercedes-Benz BMW saloon car to the top of everything, a lot of private cars are clearly dressed, it had a number of flashy decor, Kobe 11 Shoes can conclude that the group of employees to buy their own cars.

   As a result, Kobe Shoes 2015 can be inferred from the side how high Pengzhan Group staff income. Kobe 10 Shoes seems that his thirty thousand yuan a lot of money very high salary.

   Under the guidance of Fu Bo,Cheap kobe shoes came next to a dark blue Bentley elegant 728, the car is 06, and the maintenance is very good, do not know is still usually very soon buy a new note, the Kobe 11 Shoes looks very new.

   "Kobe 10 Shoes, please get on it." Fu Bo opened the copilot's door, sat a requested position.

   "I sat in the copilot? That moment Missy ......?" Asked Kobe Shoes 2015 hesitated.

   . "Miss all day sitting in the back of the" Fu Bo said: "She has a bag, sitting in the front row is not convenient."

   Kobe 10 Shoes nodded, got the child, Forber driving the car slowly into the underground parking lot. When Cheap kobe shoes security post after exit, Kobe Shoes 2015 several guards are immediately established a positive, looking awe watched the Kobe 11 Shoes go.